When you employ a script-driven app on your site and all the content that you make is saved in a database, your website hosting plan should come with enough database storage, in order to make sure that even when your site grows, you will not have any difficulties because of the shortage of storage space. PostgreSQL is a great example of a widespread database management system that is used with numerous scalable web applications and if you require high-end performance and stability for your site, it is very likely that you will take advantage of this solution. Considering this, you will need a hosting package that won't bound your web presence, particularly if you need to manage several sites and each of them employs PostgreSQL databases.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Hosting
When you use our hosting services, you will be able to expand the content along with the user base of your PostgreSQL-driven websites as much as you need since some of our plans are provided with unlimited database storage space. Even if you start with a lower-end package, you'll be able to update either the database space feature or the entire package, so as to have sufficient resources for your websites. We use a custom cloud platform and we have an entire cluster dedicated to the database storage. Because no other processes run on these servers, the general performance is way better and we will add additional servers or hard disk drives if they are needed. Regardless of how many elements you add to your web shop or how many comments users leave on your discussion forum, you will never experience any problems as a result of insufficient database storage space.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you order one of our semi-dedicated servers, you can run PostgreSQL sites without having to worry that you can reach any limit for the size of your databases, as there isn't such a restriction. When you use our cloud website hosting platform, a separate cluster of servers takes care of the databases, thus if additional processing power or database storage is required at any time, we just install extra servers or hard drives. In contrast to other companies, we do not manage everything on the same server. All of our plans are very powerful and make it possible for you to operate heavy, multi-media websites, so we have ensured that the PostgreSQL database storage space feature matches all the rest of the attributes. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel which is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts will allow you to view the size of each and every PostgreSQL database which you have as well as the overall size of all of the databases, and these numbers are accessible solely for your own information.