In the web hosting world, overselling means advertising benefits that a client will pay for, but can’t really take advantage of. Many of the options of a given web hosting plan can belong to this category - HDD storage, monthly traffic, database storage space, and so on. A plan could come with unrestricted disk space, as an illustration, however many hosting suppliers generate accounts on just a single server which can have only so many disk drives and since all the customers upload content, there won't be any space left on the server sooner or later or there will be some hidden quotas to make sure that every single user has their share, although everyone has paid for limitless space. Since most hosting Control Panels are developed to work on one server, lots of companies have no choice but to oversell, that is nothing else but deceiving their clients.
No Overselling in Hosting
Unlike other web hosting providers, we do not oversell as we simply do not need to. The characteristics which we've listed for all our hosting solutions are what you'll truly get provided you register with our firm. The reason behind our guarantees is an outstanding cloud web hosting platform which will provide all system resources each of our customers could ever need. Instead of storing files and running SQL or email servers and other system processes on a single machine, we have separate groups of servers dealing with each one of these services, so you will never run into a situation where the server lacks the needed system resources for your Internet sites. Every time we need extra disk space or more memory, we can just attach the needed hardware or even entire servers to each and every cluster, so if you use one of our hosting plans, you will always get what you've paid for.
No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated server packages come with quite a lot of unlimited features, but unlike many other providers, we do not oversell and we can actually afford to offer unlimited disk space or databases. What lies behind our confidence is a leading-edge cloud platform that consists of a number of clusters, each taking care of a particular service - website files, e-mail addresses, statistics, databases, etcetera. Since we can put as many hard disk drives or servers to any of the clusters as needed, we can practically never run out of system resources, so if you pay for anything unrestricted, you will really get it. Our Hepsia web hosting Control Panel was developed specifically for this custom made cloud setup, so when you use a semi-dedicated server solution from our firm, you can get the most out of your Internet sites.